About Us

Reggae Month is an annual celebration of reggae music for the entire month of February. Organised by the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JaRIA) since 2009.

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Organization Overview:

JaRIA is an independent, non-aligned, non-governmental, non-profit organization through which all stakeholders in the music industry can continuously collaborate with each other, as one, united, independent collective interest.


To represent the interests of our members, foster their economic and professional growth while contributing to the development of Jamaica and Jamaica’s music industry.

Key Objectives:

  • To unite and further the common interests of all individuals, institutions, organisations and firms directly and indirectly involved in music and the music industry in Jamaica.
  • To promote and provide opportunities for the continued development of Members by facilitating access to networking, education, training and capacity building.
  • To facilitate access to information about all possible financial support and opportunities available within the public and private sectors locally and overseas for Members.
  • To provide a forum for Members to discuss industry concerns and opportunities and, where relevant, to lobby The Jamaican government and its agencies to protect and preserve the industry and its members.
  • To canvas and lobby international organisations, agencies and foreign governments in collaborative efforts.
  • To reposition Jamaica as the centre of the global Reggae movement and culture.
  • To commence the complex process of repatriating our musical birthright and patrimony.
  • To play a lead role in the annual planning and organising of reggae month, including its program and activities.
  • To be an exemplary global music community for broadly increasing the economic, social and cultural wealth of Jamaica and JARIA’s members in particular.