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January 26, 2020
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January 27, 2020

Orville ‘Xpressionz’ Hall

Orville Hall aka Orville Xpressionz also known as the dancehall professor is considered one of the most knowledgeable person on dancehall dance in Jamaica,  he has been a professional dancer for 30yrs, his popularity statred back in 1995 when he was the grooming instructor for tastee talent contest. 1997 was the year Orville meet Richie Stevens who helped to make his name even more popular when Hall played the lead character in on of his hit videos called wap dem, hall would go on to win the Rockers award for dance group of the year for his then group “Ishaan dancers”

Hall was the choreographer for the dances that were a part Jamaicas 1998 world cup campaign in the national stadium he was talented but without formal training, so in September of the same year he enrolled in the performing arts program at exed community where he perused an associate’s degree. To be able to pay his tuition he agreed to be the institutions popular dance teacher, over 70 medals and 40 trophies were won for the department in the 11yrs he was there. Hall along with Patsy Ricketts and Kenny Salmon wrote the 1st dancehall course outline that existed in an institution. It was while at Exed in 2000 he was introduced to Dr Monica Lawrence who gave him a scholarship to be a principal dancer and junior choreographer at Stella Maris, this was to be one of the best choices he made to develop himself as a rounded dancer and choreographer.

In 2010 theater Xpressionz/Xpressive moves was born, the 1st dancehall dance studio. Mr Hall is the artistic director for the longest standing dancehall group in Jamaica Dance Xpressionz and now has his own accredited dancehall course outline by HEART. For 14yrs He has been the chief judge on Dancin Dynamite the biggest dance competition in the Caribbean he is the choreographer/ grooming instructor for the JCDC world reggae dance competition and is also the co host on one of the most popular radio program in Jamaica “Full house Friday” on Fame FM for 10yrs. In 2017 he wrote and directed a dancehall musical entitled”From Den Til Now” this chronicles the history of the jamaican music and dance from traditional folk form to present dancehall, recently he and his team won 6 awards for the piece. In April the Musical will do 3 performances in Berlin Germany at one of the biggest dance festivals in that region CDC.

Xpressive Production is also another brainchild of Orville Hall that got started in 2014 and  is responsible for hosting “Dancehall Dream Camp”  Jamaica’s 1st and biggest dancehall camp, DDC gives overseas students a chance to get 7day of dancehall classes, parties and history here in the home of dancehall. other directors of the company are. Sylvester Gordon,  Shelly Ann Callum   Stacy Ann Facey and Kent Robinson. Orville Hall is now seen as the number 1 dancehall teacher on the international scene,  he’s been touring teaching and giving lectures in dancehall since 2012. He recently returned from a successful 5 country Asian tour with Shelly Xpressionz, again the 1st dancers to do a full tour teaching  dancehall in this region. His ultimate goal is to develop an institution that trains and certifies students in the art of the jamaican culture.

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