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January 16, 2020
Elise Kelly
January 18, 2020

Lady G

Janice Fyffe, 7 May 1968, Spanish Town, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. Fyffe began DJing with the Maurice Johnson’s Black Scorpio sound system and her reputation soon spread. Her initial recording came in 1988 with producer Gussie Clarke who utilized J.C. Lodge’s hit ‘Telephone Love’ for Lady G’s ‘Nuff Respect’. The song was a warning to all chauvinists and has since become an anthem among ragga girls. Championed as the sisters’ DJ, she recorded in combination with Papa San the hit ‘Round Table Talk’, which topped the Jamaican charts. The duo performed a comical altercation, in which Lady G won the squabble. Other hits prior to a temporary sabbatical included ‘Rock Back’ and ‘Is It Me Or The Gun’. The lapse in her career allowed Lady G as a single mother to spend more time with her two children. In 1994 she returned to the stage, performing a stunning presentation at the annual Fresh concert. In the spring of 1995 she performed in combination with Chevelle Franklin ‘The Real Slam’, in response to the many male DJ records on that theme initiated by Beenie Man. Lady G and Franklin also recorded with Exterminator the conscientious ‘Thank You’, riding the ‘No Woman No Cry’ rhythm, and also ‘Love And Hate’ at Donovan Germain’s Penthouse studio, reaffirming the success of the duo. In 1997 she joined Danny Browne’s Main Street Crew and recorded, in combination with Crissy D. , ‘Provide The Wine’. In 2000 Lady G and Crissy D teamed up with the UK-based B15 Project for, ‘Girls Like Us’.

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