JaRIA 2017 Honor Awardees

JaRIA 2017 Events

The JaRIA Honour Awards is a glamorous, star-studded red carpet gala event specially recognizing industry icons who have figured prominently in the amazing penetration of Jamaican music culture across the world. This year the award ceremony takes place February 26th at the Courtleigh Auditorium located in NewKingston. Tickets are $3000 pre-sold and $4000 at the door. Purchase tickets at Music Mart & Bookophelia for pre-sale purchase. Tickets will also be sold online via firstinlineja.com.

JaRIA’s Reagge Open University (ROU) Introduced in 2013. The series of panel discussions, interactive games, and live entertainment provide participants with a unique opportunity to explore topics that have been proven to be inspiring and enriching.  Led by educators and musicologists, these discussions range from an array of subjects. This year’s themes and venue location of discussions are as follows:
“Preserving The Music” (2/2/2017) – Edna Manley College 
Kingston is a UNESCO Creative City for Music. Jamaica has begun the process to get Reggae inscribed on the UNESCO Cultural heritage list, and local organisation are playing their part to protect and promote our culture and its creators. Come learn more about, and get involved in efforts to “Preserve the Music”!
“Reggae Fashion” (2/9/2017) – Edna Manley College 
“Fashion ova Style!” has long been the cry and the impact that Jamaican music has had on international fashion, from festivals to runways, is undeniable! Come and engage with contemporary fashion designers, international fashion icons and cultural academics as we explore the impact of reggae on world fashion.
“Gate Keepers” (2/16/2017) – Edna Manley College 
The media, soundsystem selectors, and producers play a critical role in deciding what music makes it to the audience. The Internet is a democracy but in they are still the Gate Keepers in real life. This conversation explores their impact and importance and aims to find a point of consensus for what music should meet the mark!
“Monetization & Branding” (2/21/2017) – University of Technology Jamaica 
While great art comes from the heart, it’s ability to make an income for the creator is also important! Hear from artist managers, event producers and cultural practitioners and policy shapers on their efforts to use branding and other monetisation techniques to make a living from the music!
“Artists as Activists” (2/23/2017) – Edna Manley College
“My music fights against the system that teaches to live and die” – Bob Marley. His musical messages have lasted a lifetime! In this session musicians share their thoughts and efforts as Artists and Advocates.
“Music & Foreign Affairs” (2/28/2017) – University of Technology Jamaica 
Reggae music, and business, is a worldwide affair. Access to markets affects the artists ability to spread the music and earn an income. In this session immigration experts and music industry managers share facts and explore solutions to challenges being faced by Jamaican music creators.

JaRIA presents a variety show highlighting the social backdrop and genres of Reggae; from Mento to Dancehall.  The FREE concert in Mandela Park located in Half Way Tree, Kingston, chronicles the evolution and dynamism of the Reggae experience, through a series of live concerts featuring: Traditional Drumming, Folk, Mento, Jazz, Classical, Ska and Rocksteady, Reggae, Rockers, Dub and Dub Poetry, Dancehall, Bands and Alternative music. Check the official JaRIA Reggae Month calendar for 2017 concert dates and themes!

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2017 Theme: “Reggae Mecca”

The Jamaica Reggae Industry Association is proud to present the 10th staging of Reggae Month! This year’s calendar of activities features JaRIA’s signature events including, Reggae Open University, its signature Reggae Wednesdays, and the JaRIA Honour Awards.

Reggae Month Declaration:

“Reggae is the heartbeat of Jamaica…the unique music that springs from the creative imagination of a diverse people, forged in a crucible of common experiences, struggles, successes and spirituality that survived the Middle Passage to become our indigenous creation, our national expression, our musical voice in the world, a driving force of our economy and the industry providing the greatest opportunity to transform the country…”